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Introducing THE 21ST CENTURY BUSINESS PLATFORM! There are several ways you can generate income but there is a kind of income that will sustain you and yours even when you have stopped working actively. PASSIVE INCOME Generated while u are on a beach somewhere in Hawaii, or when u have retired from active service. This platform enables us create this kind of income and enjoy it. Welcome to Longrich International! A Chinese/American multinational company renowned for quality products and excellence. Established in 1986 in Suzhou – Jiangsu Province, China as Jiangsu Longliqi Bioscience Co. Ltd is a 31 year old manufacturing, research and development company and has business relations with top companies such as … TESCO WOOLWORTHS MARKS AND SPENCER GSK UNILEVER WALMART CARREFOUR ELIZABETH ARDENT AVON ESTEE LAUDER etc Our Business:

Longrich produces under OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) license for top notch companies and contract manufacturing for major companies with proper licensing. Longrich is a Patten producing hi-tech conglomerate. One of China’s best for over 3 decades. Longrich has 8 research and development institutes spread across 3 continents. America (Long Island – New York) Europe (Lyon – France) Asia (Lobe – Japan) and Headquarters research institute in Jiangsu Province, China. She produces to IS0 standards and certification. Investment in Logistics, Travel and tours, Real Estate, Furniture, Cosmetics, ICT and most recently launched a 4.0 Model Project on Human Genoa and Stem cells technology. China’s most advanced factory. Launched June 2016 in Los Angeles USA and Manufactured her first made in USA product same month – Sea Buckthorn Berryoil Supplement. Many more innovative masterpieces unfolding… Longrich works with well read and trained professors, experts and scholars of over 25 active years. Trains over 2,000 R & D scientists graduating into her teeming work force yearly.

The future of Longrich is to be world’s top 10 MLM Company and stay relevant in transforming lives from status quo yo being financially independent, owing business empires all around the globe. WHAT IS IN IT FOR ME? ***Brand new cars more than twice every year! *** All expense paid vacations abroad (America, Europe and Asia) 3-4 times yearly! ***#18m naira house fund (shares dividend) Strictly for share holders! ***Executive MBA programme in USA (Regis University – Denver – Colorado)! ***Consistent 7 figure weekly earner! This platform is without monthly targets of buying and selling but when a team is raised you earn figures that runs into millions every week! #GreenThursday!!! ***Shares dividends that would outlive us, because they are transferable to our children! #Posterity! ***Opportunity to sponsor someone to Soochow University in China for a 4year degree programme! ***The ultimate 5year plan to own your own business using the Longrich’s OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer)’s certification! Remember that China is now the world’s warehouse and so to be in a truly global business one must plug into this Asian power house. The idea isn’t just to acquire these luxuries but to start today to build and grow our personal business empires partnering with a first class brand like Longrich International! NOTE … THIS IS NOT A NETWORK MARKETING COMPANY!

Not even one network marketing company offers this kind of futurist business plan … anywhere! This is an entrepreneurial platform seeking to be the swift wind beneath the wings of focused eagles who really wanna soar! WELCOME ABOARD! NIGERIA’S ENTRY LEVEL. VIP – #650,000 Must buy 1680pv or more. Earns 1% global shares monthly as a shareholder. 12% weekly team performance bonus. PLATINUM – #290,000 Must buy 720pv or more. Earns 12% weekly team performance bonus. GOLD – #120,000 Must buy 240pv or more. Earns 10% weekly team performance bonus. SILVER – #65,000 must buy 120pvor more 8% weekly team performance bonus

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